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Block L for R-7

Block L is an upper (orbital) stage for the famous Russian rocket known as R-7 family. R-7 with block L is known as Molniya rocket.


Block L addon — igel (Andrew Thielmann)
Meshes — Thorton (Nikita Vtyurin)
R-7 addon — astronavt (Dmitry Pritykin)


This version is specifcally designed for and tested with R-7 project by astronavt.
It may [happen to be] compatible with other R-7 addons and maybe even with other rockets.


Some famous payloads launched by Molniya — Block L:

- Luna-9, first soft landing on the Moon;
- Luna-10, first satellite around the Moon;
- Venera-4 to Venera-8, first soft landing on Venus;
- Molniya-1 to Molniya-3, numerous high-elliptical communication satellites.

This addon currently supports fully automated launch into the non-ecliptic translunar trajectory or into Molniya-type trajectory.


1. Block L had a run-once non-restartable engine — and so does this addon. Once you stop engine, you can't restart it.

2. Main engine ignites through the automated sequence that takes about 40 seconds. Once ignited, the BOZ (ullage stage) separates.

3. For translunar flights, you should properly time the launch of the Molniya rocket to be sure that the Moon will be in the right place at the time of your arrival.


Payload (substitute the payload name and attachment parameters):

Payload xxx
Apoint 0 0 -Z
Pdir 0 0 -1
Prot 1 0 0

Trajectory type (skip for the default translunar trajectory):

Target Molniya


<C> cycle through rockectcams in the cockpit view;

<M> toggle between manual and autopilot mode;

<J> jetison BOZ (ullage stage) or payload;

<Ctrl + J> toggle focus switching for the following payload jetison;

<+> start main engine ignition sequence;

<-> stop main engine — forever!

NOTE: Only PROGRADE, RETROGRADE and KILLROT modes work in manual control mode.
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Orbiter - undefined
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